For this episode, we will be interviewing Camille Finan. Camille will be discussing how she went from an MBA to a builder-carpenter and businesswoman.





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Show Notes


(00:55) – What compelled Camille to get started?
  • She was a business in marketing consultant, got burnt out and had a knack for remodeling 
    • Her sister told her to become a carpenter and so she eventually opened her own kitchen remodeling business
  • She worked almost her entire career without having met another woman- apart from Instagram 
(5:00) – What Camille wishes she knew before, that she knows now
  • “I wish I knew how good I was going to be.”
  • It wasn’t a common thing for girls when she started out and no one encouraged her by saying “eventually you will be so good at this”
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(6:25) – Why do entrepreneurs quit?
  • It’s mentally stressful and there isn’t a lot of support 
    • Even her family doesn’t seem interested in what she’s doing 
(8:35) – What were some hurdles for you?
  • When Camille first got sued, she felt cut to heart because she believed she did a great job
    • They essentially didn’t want to pay for the job because the client didn’t have the money 
  • A friend who is also a contractor said: “This is the first time you’ve been sued?” Which opened her eyes to the fact that it can come with the job. 
  • She learned that the business is not who she is as a person. 
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(12:50) – What is Camille excited about now?
  • She loves how much she can now do online so that she can serve more people 
  • She has a carpentry school for woman and is excited to hopefully transfer that online for women everywhere 
  • Excited about the prospect of public speaking 
(15:45) Parting advice for listeners
  • Men are better at construction is a MYTH
  • The smaller you are, the easier it is to do many things- you don’t have to be big and strong to be apart of this 


Learn more about carpentry and Camille:
    • For a free course!
  • Honeydew academy 
  • Drill like a girl- online course 



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