My team and I have put together an 11 series best of episode which I call “Coping with Covid in Business and Life”.

Business owners and employees are going through dier times right now, they are losing their jobs and shutting down their businesses. I know it first had because I recently had to let the majority of my employees go, a 13-year-old company, broken down in a matter of days.

That’ so, I’ll rebuild and make it better and stronger, and I want to make you just as optimistic as I am.

So in a world of nothing but negative news and drama right now and being forced to do nothing but take in all this terrible content, my team and I focused all our attention to bring you the stories of how others have overcome rock bottom to show you that with great obstacles and challenges come great opportunity.

This special series is the collection of the answers from my guests of One of my most powerful questions asked day in and day out on my 7 day per week show. The question is simple: “Give me a time where you have hit rock bottom and were able to overcome disaster.” Listen to these stories, realize it’s part of the journey, and realize that you are not alone and rolling up your sleeves is nothing new to you, listen, learn, and get to work, you got this life nation now go get it done!

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