Bill is the CEO and co-founder of Outstanding Foods – a plant-based foods company that creates tasty as hell products that everyone can love. Outstanding Foods is currently rolling out its latest product – PigOut Pigless Rinds – to stores across the country.

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Show Notes

Bill is the CEO and co-founder of Outstanding Foods, a plant-based foods company. 

(00:40) – Bill tells us something interesting 

  • He is based in Santa Monica and is living in Los Angeles 
  • He has eaten a plant-based diet for over 30 years

(1:30) – Bill explains his company, Outstanding Foods

  • They make snack foods that are nutritious and packed with protein 

(3:23) – Bill shares about rock bottom

  • He would often hold himself back or say no to opportunities out of fear 

(5:32) – Why Bill believes entrepreneurs give up

  • Because they hold themselves back and never come to their full potential 

(6:25) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(9:35) – Bill tells us what the end game is for him

  • To hopefully have their products in stores, restaurants and online

(11:40) – How Bill has created the life he wants to live

  • The work he does is something he is passionate about, so it doesn’t feel like work
  • He prioritizes time with his family 

(14:46) – Bill Glaser’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Find the balance between having tunnel vision and evolving along the way


Learn more about Bill:

  • Outstandingfoods on Instagram and Facebook
  • @billglaser on Instagram
  • 20% off with code: billyg


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