In this podcast, Chris is the national bestselling author of The Millennial Whisperer, which quickly became the #2 bestselling book at Barnes & Noble. His dynamic approach to attracting and motivating the next generation in the workplace has had him featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Fox TV, Cheddar News, and more.





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Show Notes

(1:00) –Chris tells us something interesting about himself
  • He is an identical twin and is married to an identical twin
(1:35) – Chris explains his company 22squared
  • A full service ad agency which Chris began in 2003
  • The company started from an idea: when Chris was on a retreat, everyone asked what he did and he realized he didn’t know, but referred to himself as the millennial whisperer which then catapulted him towards his future success and inspired him to write a book
  • His book was published 9 months ago
  • He is now talking to a lot of Fortune 500 companies about their business and how to adapt with the new culture
(4:56) – Don’t wait anymore! Revive a free coaching call today at
(5:20) – Chris talks about millennials
  • “Millennials are not the Problem, they just expose all the problems.”
  • Millennials want inspirational leadership, transparency and authenticity
  • Creating a real genuine connection will motivate millennials to go above and beyond in the workplace
  • His book contains tangible actions to carry out these ideals
(13:55) – What is Chris excited about in his industry
  • Having the opportunity to create real life experiences, putting down your phone and having a real connection with someone
  • He is excited to be creating a social impact in the marketing world; today’s generation wants to know that their purchase will go towards a greater good, like Tom’s, each pair of shoes a person buys makes an impact in the world on a larger scale
(18:15) – Take the next step, visit:
(18:50) –  Why do entrepreneurs fail
  • They don’t have their priorities straight
  • Autonomy is creating something that people are willing to protect
  • Which can only come with trust from your employees and clients
  • The most important thing is interpersonal connection, without that many will fail
(21:30) – What is the light at the end of the tunnel
  • When he hit rock bottom he changed the perspective of his life from coming out on top and being successful, to feeling satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the day
  • It’s all about impact and continuing to have a great impact in the world
(26:00) – Parting advice for listeners
  • Make an actual plan- don’t just say “let’s get coffee” actually decide when it’s going to happen and do it.
  • Turn let’s into by when’s
  • A motto he often uses “Don’t compare our insides to someone else’s outsides.”


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