Erik is the Founder of Franchise Secrets who helps people find the right franchises to buy. He owned multiple franchise brands in different states, and have helped hundreds of people invest in franchises that fit them best.





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Show Notes

Erik is the founder of Franchise Secrets, a company that helps individuals discover the right franchises to invest in. He has owned multiple franchises in different states and has helped hundreds of others invest in franchises that fit best for them

(00:38) – Erik tells us something interesting

  • In Spearfish South Dakota

  • He moved away for a little while, started a family and then eventually moved back and settled down

(1:12) – Erik explains his company Franchise Secrets

  • He has owned about 7 different brands in 8 different states

  • After realizing that he wanted to invest in another franchise but didn’t know where to look, he started doing some research and eventually decided to share his wisdom with others- which is where Franchise Secrets came into being

(6:32) – Erik shares about rock bottom

  • He invested in a brand that he didn’t make some poor choices because he didn’t take the time to fully research and understand what he was investing in

(10:50) – What Erik is excited about right now

  • He is putting together mastermind, events, etc. to help others understand how to move forward in franchising

(12:10) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(12:50) – Why Erik believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Because it’s “all about them” and they try to do everything themselves

  • When things get stressful people often make bad, rash decisions

  • People don’t problem solve in the right way

(14:10) –  How Erik has built the life he wants to live

  • When he was in high school he remembers that his dad (who was an entrepreneur) would come home early to spend time with them, which he realized was something he wanted to do as well.

  • Making sure that he has the freedom to spend time with family is a priority in his daily life

(21:15) – Erik Van Horn’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Hire people who are smarter than you

  • Surround yourself around people who are more successful or more experienced than you are


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