Ariana has built not 1, not 2, but 3 successful businesses, which has enabled her leave her job in her early thirties. Doing this has allowed Ariana to design and create her ideal lifestyle, which her and her husband Tom now help others do via the Lifestyle Builders podcast, they help with coaching programs, and have a book called Lifestyle Builders.





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Show Notes

Ariana has built 3 successful businesses, which enabled her to leave her job in her early 30’s. Currently, Ariana and her husband help others design their ideal lifestyle through their podcast and book, Lifestyle Builders.

(00:45) – Ariana tells us something interesting 

  • Currently in Rochester 
  • She has a Zoology degree 

(2:00) – Ariana explains her business Lifestyle Builders 

  • Her husband is her partner 
  • 12 years ago they started a real estate business in order to retire early 
  • Eventually, her husband wanted to start another business (a wine & liquor store) to keep them afloat if there was an economic crash- but they wanted something with a more immediate ROI. 
  • Then her husband decided he wanted to start an online business. 

(7:05) – Ariana shares the biggest step in becoming an entrepreneur 

  • Choosing the path you want to take 
  • Understanding that your journey will not look like everyone else’s journey 

(9:30) – Ariana tells us about rock bottom 

  • Right before they got married, her husband spent $8,000 on real estate training without discussing it together first 

(11:55) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(12:26) – Why Ariana believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • People don’t have realistic expectations 
  • They aren’t prepared for the challenges that come when you step out of a regular 9-5

(14:53) – What Ariana is excited about 

  • They just published their first book Lifestyle Builders 

(19:26) – How Ariana has built the life she wants to live 

  • They don’t start one new thing without the last thing thriving
  • Systems systems systems 
  • They make sure that they have systems to help the businesses run, to continue to evolve and keep things growing and to prioritize the important things, like family 

(24:08) – Ariana Sylvester’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Let go of expectations and focus on what you can do with to find fulfillment and success on your own terms


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