Taylor was a Rescue Swimmer in the Navy. He sailed through the planets deadliest waters in order to end Veteran suicides and has returned to build a tequila company that will continue funding their expeditions.





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Show Notes

Taylor has sailed through the planet’s deadliest waters in order to help end suicides and now runs a tequila company that helps to fund his expeditions.

(00:45) – Taylor tells us something interesting 

  • Currently in Galveston Texas 
  • “If I’m not selling tequila I’m sailing in Patagonia- working on a trip to Antarctica right now.”

(2:23) –  Taylor explains his Tequila business 

  • He was trying to figure out how they could continue to offer sailing trips to help ex-military members adjust to life again 
  • Tequila was the answer

(9:12)–  Taylor shares the meaning behind his business

  • They want to end suicide within veterans lives 
  • The first year is the deadliest, so after that first year they want to offer a healthy space for them to come 
  • He wants his business to fully fund expeditions for veterans 

(11:50) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!

(13:16) – Taylor gives us a taste of what his trips can do for veterans 

  • When you’re sailing, your adrenaline is high- that is until you see the sunrise and experience the calm after the storm 
  • Currently, they take trips of 5-6 guys around Texas 

(15:55) – What Taylor is excited about right now 

  • Not losing any more of his friends

(17:45) – How listeners can be apart of the movement

  • Visit capehorntequila.com to purchase some tequila! 

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