Tom has never had a job. He’s an Internet Multimillionaire “guy next door” and founder of the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. He’s the subject of a Hollywood Documentary “The American Entrepreneur” premiering in 2020.





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Show Notes

Tom, a man who has never had a boss is now an internet multi-millionaire. 

(00:40) – Tom tells us something interesting 

  • Living in Virginia Beach 
  • Used to own a practical joke business 

(1:33) – Tom explains his business Screw The Commute

  • He’s been a business owner since he was 10 years old and had about 2 summer jobs but had otherwise worked for himself 
  • It is a podcast that tries to get people “out of the car and into the money”
    • On this podcast contains information on how to make, how to save money and interviews with entrepreneurs (M, W, F)

(4:09) – Tom shares about rock bottom 

  • Owned the second biggest nightclub in West Virginia 
  • In 1988 the drinking age changed and it basically wiped his business out 
  • He refused to go bankrupt, went to banks and distributors to buy some time for him to pay them off- and got it. 

(10:12) – Why Tom believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Lack of knowledge 
  • They don’t have persistence. Entrepreneurs fail a lot, and in order to succeed, they have to be able to get back up again. 

(11:45) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(15:21) – What Tom is excited about right now 

  • Currently working with Google in-stream ads
  • He has the only licensed dedicated internet marketing school in the country 

(17:34) – How Tom has built a life he wants to live 

  • He doesn’t work with people he doesn’t like 
  • He teaches people how to make their hobbies tax-deductible 

(20:08) – Tom Antion’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Honesty and ethics 
  • Help other people get what they need 
  • Make sure there is a high-profit margin 


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