In this podcast, listen to David Nurse as he talks about the importance of mindset and understanding that everything is a preparation for an opportunity to come. David Nurse is an NBA life and optimization coach, future bestselling author, and worldwide motivational speaker. David has personally helped over 100 NBA players with their personal and professional development both on and off the court.





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Show Notes


(0:58) – David tells us something interesting about himself
  • From a young age he always wanted to play in the NBA, and even though he eventually found out he was not athletically inclined he continued to work towards this goal. 
  • At age 24 he found himself playing in a “professional league” in Spain, though it did not pan out as he expected and eventually returned home to live with his parents, which then led to his new goal of becoming a basketball coach, and after many long trips and grueling training sessions, he had finally made it. 
(5:21)  – David explains what being an NBA coach is like 
  • He tries to make each player the best they can be on and off the court. 
  • Fine tuning their skill set and giving them confidence in what they can do. 
(7:50) – The foundation is the most important 
  • David says that he always begins with the basics, no one can build anything great without a strong foundation
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(10:32) – How did you come up with your company?
  • Coached with Brooklyn Nets at 27 (almost unheard of coaching so young) and in that experience he realized that he actually feels most fulfilled in helping others discover their own passion 
  • He wants to help NBA players with their mindset overall, their perspective in life and not just their profession. 
  • Failure (a learning opportunity) can launch you into your next success. 
(14:35) – Why do entrepreneurs give up?
  • They don’t see the fruits of their effort 
  • The right time WILL happen, but maybe not when we expect it to
    • Comparison can destroy your motivation
  • Entrepreneurs often give up because they don’t enjoy the process of working towards the top or their goal
  • Most people who get rich quick, might not have the same sustainability as someone who had to put in the effort for a longer period of time 
(17:15) – Let’s discuss your vision for the future, visit and take a leap of faith, 
(18:12) Enjoy the journey rather than the outcome
(19:56) – David talks about what’s exciting him now 
  • Pivot & Go: his new book 
  • He wants everyone to find joy in their life- to have the right perspective and wants to encourage others to be the best version of themselves that they can be
  • Can be found on Amazon, Pivot & Go by David Nurse
(23:50) – David talks about how he turned down an NBA position 
  • His dream was bigger than coaching- David desires to help individuals find true joy 
(26:10) What is the light at the end of the tunnel for David Nurse?
  • He just wants to impact one person’s life. 
  • His biggest joy is to help others discover their passion in life. 
  • There will probably never be a point when he feels like he’s done enough- he enjoys the process. 
(28:50) – Parting advice for listeners 
  • Consistency. Relentless consistency 
  • If you have something you love doing, do it day after day- even if just a little bit 
  • Take 1% steps daily to reach your goal 
  • The quick fix often doesn’t last- believe that there is a perfect time and that it will turn out better than you expect if you stick with it. 
  • “Everything you do is preparation for something to come.”


Learn more about David Nurse:
  • davidnurse5 on Instagram 
  • davidnursenba on Twitter 
  • The 1 percenter podcast with David Nurse 



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