Today, we are interviewing Michelle Weinstein. Michelle is a time-tested entrepreneur and founder of The Pitch Queen. She trains accountants how to use her unique and proven system to sell more services, overcome any objection, and have a life full of abundance! She has successfully trained CPAs how to actually and efficiently IMPLEMENT powerful techniques adding $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month. Michelle is also the host of the, The Abundant Accountant Podcast.





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Michelle trains accountants how to use her unique and proven system to sell more services, overcome any objection and have a life of full abundance. She had successfully trained CPA’s how to effectively implement powerful techniques to add 10k- 50k in revenue each month. She is also the host of The Abundant Accountant Podcast.

(00:55)– Michelle shares something interesting

  • She loves international flights in business class

(3:30) – Michell explains her business, The Pitch Queen

  • She’s really good a pitching stuff- anything that had to do with pitching brands or herself

  • She helps service based companies, who sell high fee services to sell with confidence and charge a ton of money so that they can do what they want when they want

(6:06) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(8:35) – Michelle tells us about her hurdles and how she overcame them

  • “A huge failure gives you a badge of honor.”

  • Her investors backed out at one point and she almost lost business and eventually founded The Pitch Queen

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(13:55) – What Michelle is excited about right now

  • She’s doing an extra study every month on her podcast, The Abundant Accountant, to go over a case study

  • She spoke at intoit’s conference and may continue to work with them

  • Excited to go on an international trip

(17:07) Michelle Weinstein’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Go do it now. Live everyday as if it’s your last

  • Put yourself first because you cannot serve others if you are not taken care of first


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