Today, we are interviewing Kelly Keefe. Kelly is a serial social entrepreneur helping people live connected to their highest self. The Founder of Heartspace, RisingLeaders, and the Heartspace Healing Academy, she offers online courses, coaching, training, and services in energy healing, meditation, alignment, emotional intelligence, and more. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Guide, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Speaker, and Author. Her teachings have been shared with organizations including WeWork and The United Nations.

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Show Notes

Kelly is the founder of the HeartSpace Healing Academy and provides resources, training and transformational experiences to help others overcome fear and align with the best version of themselves.    (00:51)– Kelly tells us something interesting about herself 

  • She is very tuned into her spirituality and wants to help others channel special abilities they have 
  • About 11 years ago she was meditating and received a clear message that she was a healer 

(2:24) – Kelly explains her business HeartSpace 

  • It was first a concept- learning this state of being and she continued to understand the electromagnetic field and understand more about the heart 
  • She then opened her own clinic and now the HeartSpace Academy
    • Which helps people understand who they are, “we are magic in human form.” 
    • Get rid of self limiting beliefs, and helps activate the ability to heal yourself 

(4:25)–  Kelly shares how she believes people can rise above fear 

  • Read her book Rise Above Fear 
  • Don’t be afraid to feel the fear, understanding what’s holding you back helps you understand it better 

(6:35) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!   (7:03) – Kelly tells us about rock bottom and how she overcame it    

  • She was traveling in Europe and just went with the flow the whole time, no plans at all and used her “golden touch” concept to make it through that 

(9:05) – Kelly explains the “golden touch”

  • There’s always a solution available- basically it’s looking into a situation and saying “what is the solution?”
  • You are never stuck 
  • Eliminate the belief that “I don’t know” and shift into “how can I make the most of this opportunity.”

(11:20) – Why Kelly believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Self limiting beliefs, they aren’t able to persevere 
  • Lack of belief in what they can do and lack of community to make it through 

(15:50) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!   (16:24) – Kelly shares what she is excited about right now 

  • Society is accepting and open to learning more 
  • She will be launching an online program 
  • Many different trainings and retreats in 2020

(18:53) – Kelly tells us what her end game is 

  • To see how she evolved as a person and business owner 
  • Continuing to write and speak 
  • She wants to make the unseen, seen and is open to helping people find it 

(21:30) – Kelly Keefe’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Make sure that the why is rooted in your heart 

Learn more about Kelly:

  • Her book is on Amazon
    • Rise Above Fear 
  • kellykeefe on Instagram 

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