Lucas is the founder of Growth Cave, a company that does advertising to help companies increase their traffic. He is a college student that’s been into digital marketing since he was 15. Today, he manages over $50,000 in ad spend for clients, after teaching himself Facebook Ads through YouTube.





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Show Notes


(00:35)– Lucas tells us something interesting about himself
  • Has always been a nerdy kid, learned how to do a Rubics cube in middle school and could do it in under 30 seconds 
(1:35) – Lucas explains Growth Cave
  • They are a digital marketing consultancy/agency, helping customers on their leads/ to get more customers 
  • Their main focus is paid advertising 
  • Began in June 2017
(3:15)- Lucas shares about rock bottom and how he overcame it 
  • In the beginning there were a lot of dry spells, making a ton of money one month and then the next barely scraping buy 
  • Started focusing more on taking care of current clients rather than only focusing on gaining new ones 
(6:47) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!
(7:30) – Why Lucas believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • They don’t get into it for the right reasons 
  • Have to have a passion for what you’re doing otherwise when there are a rough patches there won’t be anything to carry you through 
(9:55) – What Lucas is excited about right now 
  • Messenger marketing and chat bots 
(14:38) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!
(17:15) – Lucas shares what his end goals are 
  • He wants to build a company rather than an entrepreneur lifestyle, he’s excited to see how much he can grow 
(18:50) Lucas Lee Tyson’s advice to entrepreneurs:
  • It’s important to understand how to get clients and to meet them where they’re at 


Learn more about Lucas:
  • @lucasleetyson on Twitter 



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