Amy is the Founder and CEO of Givily. Amy believes everyone is uniquely created on purpose, for a purpose. She is passionate about creating environments for people and companies to thrive. Aligning with her beliefs on a large scale, she founded Givily, a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage donation requests and strategic giving.





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Show Notes


(00:33)– Amy tells us something interesting about himself
  • She is from Rochester New York but grew up in a rural area 
(1:38) – Amy explains her company, Givily
  • It is a technology platform that helps brands streamline and track their charitable giving
  • Her business has been around for about 9 years now 
  • Currently they are focusing on more accessibility for smaller businesses 
(4:66)- Amy shares about rock bottom and how she overcame it 
  • At one point she was supposed to go on a podcast but was in a bad place mentally- she took time to let it out and cry, and then pulled herself together and did the podcast 
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(19:00) – Why Amy believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • It’s hard. 
  • People often push themselves too hard externally or blame their lack of success on circumstances when really they should focus on internal health first in order to succeed 
(12:20) – Amy tells us what she is excited about right now 
  • Everyone can use their platform and she is excited to branch out more to new and old businesses to help them 
(13:56) – Amy explains how much companies should give
  • Figure out how you can give, what you’re passionate about 
(16:23) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!
(18:05) – How Amy built the life she wanted to live
  • She realized the hard way what the most important things are (like family) and she is sure to make those things a priority 
(21:11)  Amy Kauffman’s advice to entrepreneurs:
  • Slow down. Patience is key, you need to slow down and enjoy the process. 
  • If you’re a procrastinator maybe you should speed up 

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