In this podcast, listen to Paul Norris as he shares his story of how and why he started his own gym.  And an amazing reminder for everyone why it’s important to keep learning how to take the bullets instead of dodging them and why choosing a niche is super smart.






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Show Notes


(1:10)– Paul explains what compelled him to start his business
  • Got sick of “working for the man”
  • He was managing the Equinox in Santa Monica (corporate fitness), the culture and job was very unreliable so he quit
  • He was already training surfers, but then he decided to open his own gym and has now owned his own gym for 7 years
(3:00) – What would Paul have told himself before he started 
  • It will never run smoothly
  • Expect to pivot or adapt to everything as it comes at you
  • Slow and steady wins the race
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(5:40) – Paul tells us about his hurdles
  • Once had a gym that targetted extreme athletes
  • He hired a business coach who told him he needed to rebrand and needed to focus on one niche
  • Now he owns Surf Ready Fitness and is the most profitable he has ever been


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(11:55) – Paul shares what he is excited about
  • Surf Ready Fitness up and running
  • Excited about launching his surf trainer app and doing more online coaching
  • Going to the Olympics next year with his top trainer, representing Japan
(15:00) Parting advice for listeners
  • Know that it won’t be perfect, be prepared for things to go sideways sometimes
  • You might spend more money than you expected to, but know that it won’t last forever
  • Be passionate about what you’re doing


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