Stuart is a critically acclaimed author, hit producer and world renowned professional speaker. He has written, produced and starred in shows that have been seen by over one million people, and each year he speaks nationally in order to help the world’s biggest companies reach new levels of success. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books, and today he’ll be sharing his expert opinion on communication.





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Show Notes


(00:46)– Stuart tells us something interesting about himself
  • He has a degree in business and economics, worked in the corporate world for just 3 months when he decided he didn’t like it 
  • Started writing motivational shows for high school students, then for motivational musicals for adults 
  • Now he is a corporate keynote speaker 
(1:51) – Stuart explains his business and what he does 
  • He wants to speak about things that are really important to him- like communication
  • He teaches people how to build relationships with people who can then respect, honor, value and like you- then they want to buy from you, work for you, share things with you etc.
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(8:33) – Stuart talks about rock bottom and how he overcame it 
  • There was a point where he was $250,000 in personal debt 
  • He had always read stories about how people became great, how they hit rock bottom and then had a life epiphany, focused his energy into doing something great and eventually paid off his debt 
(13:18) – Stuart shares what he is excited about right now 
  • The keynote speaking niche has been the same for a long time- currently he and his team are working to change things up a little
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(16:45) – How Stuart has built a life he wants to live 
  • By making goals for their lives: from where they want to live to what kinds of phones they want to have and by taking steps (a daily routine) in order to make it happen 
  • Design an ideal life, and then break it down to a yearly, monthly & daily basis on what you need to do to achieve that 
(22:08) – Stuart Knight’s advice to entrepreneurs:
  • “Start anywhere, anywhere is still a place and anywhere can lead you to everywhere.”
  • Do something and eventually, after taking small steps everyday or every week things will start to happen 
  • “Don’t worry if you start something, and then change courses.”


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