Agie is the CEO of Indo Trading USA. He was a cellphone-seller from Indonesia who came to the US at age 15. He taught himself how to sell online at age 16, and built a million-dollar wholesale company in 9 months at age 25.





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Show Notes


(00:38)– Agie tells us something interesting about himself
  • Lives in Pomona California 
  • He and his wife do volunteer work every month 
  • He loves card tricks 
  • Always carries mouthwash with him
(2:35) – Agie explains his company, Indo Trading USA
  • It is a wholesale company, they sell to a wide variety of merchants and mostly Amazon consumers 
  • They carry name brand products and sell to businesses who sell at least 5,000/month 
(5:05)-  Agie shares how his business offers value to clients 
  • They offer name brand products 
  • Products with good margins so that you can make a profit 
  • They offer fast moving items, hot commodities 
(6:06) -Agie shares more about his company 
  • The company has been around for 5 years but he has been in the industry for 9-10 years 
  • He started selling because someone asked him to design a website (which he didn’t know how to do but outsourced the project), they eventually asked him to handle their eBay account 
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(10:05) – Agie tells us about rock bottom and how he overcame it
  • In 2017 they felt they had peaked- they relied on their biggest client to keep them afloat, and when that client backed out the company shut down 
  • He realized he hadn’t focused on other clients and other parts of his company, asked for help and the company resurfaced
(15:25) – Why Agie believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • Because they don’t prepare their minds 
  • You have to have a positive mindset to make any company work
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(18:03) – Agie explains why his business has been successful 
  • He has a great team and business partner 
(21:15) – How Agie built the life he wanted to live 
  • Enjoy the journey, not the outcome 
  • He is focused on having the freedom he wants while also living the life he wants/ creating a business that was accommodating to his personal life 
(25:50) Agie Sihotangs advice to entrepreneurs:
  • “Make sure money is not the only reason you do what you do … it will not give you a lasting fulfillment.”


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