Laura is the CEO and Creative Director of Worx & Co, Hostess of The Gutsy Podcast, speaker, author, and all-around visionary. She helped businesses grow through branding, marketing, and consulting.





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Show Notes


(00:36)– Laura tells us something interesting about himself
  • She has had her nose pierced for almost 2 decades
(1:40) –  Laura explains her business, Works & Co.
  • She is the CEO and creative director
  • They are a branding and marketing studio, they help small businesses work on their branding, identity, marketing, strategy etc.
(2:36)-  Laura shares the importance of branding 
  • Branding: the visual identity of your business 
  • When consumers can see that you have invested in your business it shows them that you value your business, that you are there and creates a small amount of trust 
  • Every business should invest in branding immediately 
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(9:20) – Laura shares about rock bottom and how she overcame it 
  • Earlier in the year she realized they weren’t as financially stable as they should be- they either had to change everything or had to give it all up 
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(15:00) – Laura explains how they have adapted 
  • Her company had to completely rebrand- “the branding company had to rebrand.”
  • They tried to keep everyone in and outside the company updated and that lead them to realizing that they needed to change the way they related to their clients 
(19:40) –  How Laura built the life she wants to live 
  • She’s been focusing on the things that give her fulfillment- like her podcast, speaking etc.
(21:56) Laura Wallace’s advice to entrepreneurs:
  • Stop waiting for the “when xyz…” and do it now. Everything will fall into place 
  • “Just do the damn thing, it’s right in front of you.”


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  • @.lauraora on social media 



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