Rachel is the founder of the CEO Collective, which offers consulting, retreats, and mastermind experiences for female entrepreneurs and start up founders ready to grow from solo entrepreneurs to CEO and scale their service based businesses.





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Show Notes


(00:42)–  Rachel tells us something interesting about himself
  • From Richmond Virginia, born and raised 
  • She has been running her business for 12 years while raising 3 kids 
(1:30) –  Rachel explains her business rachelcook.com
  • She owns a consulting and training company for female entrepreneurs who are starting and scaling service based businesses 
  • When you empower women to have success into their careers it can directly affect the local community
  • Previously, Rachel was a corporate consultant and realized that it negatively affecting her health and her life in general 
(4:32)- Rachel shares about rock bottom and how she overcame it 
  • She found out she was pregnant 6 months into her business- pregnant with twins
  • Then her husband lost his job 6 months after the twins were born and they had to move in with her parents 
  • This gave her the freedom to focus on her business and not have the stress of supporting her family 
(6:25) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!
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(8:27) – Why Rachel believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • All entrepreneurs fail, only the ones who realize that failure isn’t the end will make it 
(10:34) – Rachel tells us what she is excited about right now 
  • Having the opportunity to do more in person events 
(15:13) – Rachel tells us how she built the life she wanted to live 
  • She built a business that let her spend time with her family- there is a window of time where you can be with your family, and she didn’t want to miss it 
  • She works 25 hours a week 
  • Delegation is key. 
(17:51) Do you have goals for your business? Visit mikeolivas.com to discuss your goals for FREE!
(22:58)  Rachel Cook’s advice to entrepreneurs:
  • Ask for support 


Learn more about Rachel:
  • rachelcook.com
  • @rachel.cook on Instagram 



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