Ryan is an innovator, business leader, American entrepreneur, speaker, author and investor. He has held executive leadership roles in numerous start-ups including boon, a cloud solutions platform for the dental and health industries, and is the owner of two restaurants. His life goal is to inspire others to a positive change. 





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Show Notes


(00:35)– Ryan tells us something interesting about himself
  • He was born in Scranton Pennsylvania (The Office home location) but is currently living in Durham, NC
(1:00) – Ryan explains his business ryanvet.com
  • He focuses mainly on advising clients 
  • He started out as a lemonade stand, started selling slushies and playing cards 
  • Then he started his own newspaper at 10yrs old which didn’t last but lead to a local business seeing his graphic design 
  • He then grew a multi national marketing firm and had clients in over 25 countries at the age of 15/16
    • They were one of the first companies to create a corporate website that
    • When he started with website development and how he learned about software and lead to where he is today  
(3:35)- Ryan shares about what he is focused on right now 
  • He mainly focuses on his software company called boon- which is a software application that helps streamline temporary healthcare staffing
(5:23) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!
(5:53) – Ryan shares about rock bottom and how he overcame it 
  • His first startup was gaining a lot of success, but the team they had built to start their company changed and affected his business dramatically
(10:30) – Why Ryan believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • Passion and grit (grit- you’re there through the good and the bad) are required 
  • Building a team is important- learn to delegate so that you can take good care of your business and customers 
(12:23) Do you have goals for your business? Visit mikeolivas.com to discuss your goals for FREE!
(15:09) – Ryan tells ya what he us excited about right now 
  • Growth. 
  • The software he created was simple, but helping and understanding customers has been challenging; and he is excited to grow more as they adapt to what their customers need 
(17:00) – How Ryan built the life he wants to live
  • He just wants to help people be better 
  • Are people better because they worked with you? If yes then he feels accomplished 
(18:10) Ryan Vet’s advice to entrepreneurs
  • You don’t have to choose business OR life- you have to have both 
  • He tries to have 3 different types of people around him to keep his life and business healthy 
    • Mentors 
    • Equal
    • Mentee 
Learn more about Ryan:
  • Ryan Vet on social media 
  • doingboon.com
  • ryanvet.com



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