In today’s episode we have Kylie Chenn, CEO and Founder of Acanela Expeditions, an award winning adventure travel company, leading experiential expeditions all across the Globe.





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Show Notes


(00:35)– Kylie tells us something interesting 
  • Always has a jar of peanut butter handy
  • Has travelled to 112 different countries 
(1:35) –  Kylie explains her business Acanela Expeditions 
  • She founded her travel company about 4 years ago 
  • They now travel to over 100 countries
  • Her business plans 1-2 week trips and give travelers the opportunity to get immersed in the culture 
(3:00)-  Kylie shares how she got started 
  • She was a student and got to study abroad and met people from all over the world 
  • Kylie spent some time backpacking
  • When she came home a lot of people were asking her questions about her travels and realized that she could turn this into a business
(4:32) – Kylie tells us what types of trips her business offers 
  • They offer a lot of variety, though their bread and butter lies primarily within the expedition traveling experience
    • Connecting with local people- like culinary experiences, taking a trip to see orangutans etc.
  • You can travel to over 100 countries within every continent 
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(7:55) – Kylie shares about rock bottom and how she overcame it 
  • Acanela means cinnamon in Spanish 
  • When she first launched, she wasn’t trying to offer a travel company, but it was actually a spice company 
  • She sold spices for about a year from different countries but it eventually failed and then lead to her now business 
(11:20) – Why Kylie believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • You have to be willing to fail, and after that willing to learn fast and pivot 
  • When people judge and criticize your idea, it can be easy to give up: “you have to have grit.”
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(16:35) – Kylie explains how she has built the life she wants to live 
  • She is in an industry that she loves 
  • Setting boundaries is essential- if she wants to take free time to do one of her hobbies she can, and it’s important to do
(19:25)  Kylie Chenn’s advice to entrepreneurs:
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, but embrace that circumstance and pivot 
  • “Failure is only an opportunity to learn.”


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