Jennifer is the president and founder of Jeneration PR She specializes in promoting baby beauty and lifestyle brands. She works with clients ranging from small business owners to multi-billion dollar companies. Jennifer also teaches entrepreneurs how to launch, grow and scale A profitable PR and marketing Agency. She was previously a civil litigation attorney.





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Show Notes


(1:15)– Jennifer tells us something interesting about himself
  •  She was born and raised in Los Angeles
  •  Her office was designed by HGTV
(2:48) – Jennifer explains her business Jeneration PR
  • They have been in business for 15 years
  • It is a full-service public relations social media marketing agency
  •  They specialize in promoting beauty and cosmetics, baby and kids brands, and health and wellness brands.
  • She also has an agency Excelerator program where she teaches others how to grow and scale their own profitable agencies
(7:45) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!
(8:45) – Rachel shares about how her past career has aided in her current business 
  • She knows how to get paid (literally) from clients, and when they don’t pay their bills they drop them right away 
(10:08) – Rachel tells us about rock bottom 
  • She’s had issues with employees claiming territory that was not theirs and unfortunately had to let them go because they did not take credit for their actions 
  • Integrity is important within her company and they want people who can work well together 
(15:15) – Why Jennifer believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • They don’t realize there is something on the other side of the challenge 
  • It’s not easy. Everyone sees the overnight success but not challenge that comes with being an entrepreneur 
(19:15) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!
(19:45) Jennifer tells us what she is excited about 
  • The new things coming in 2020, all of their projects
    • Launching a new membership program
(23:00) Jennifer talks about her agency accelerator 
  • She has been running it for about one year 
  • Paying attention to what her first customer’s struggles and challenges were helped her build the program 
(28:50) – Jennifer shares how she has built a life she wants to live 
  • She chose the things that were important in her life/future and decided to find a career that would allow her to focus on the things she valued most, like her family 
(33:04) Parting advice for listeners
  • Have mentors
    • Someone who values the same things as you and can help you skip unnecessary steps and save you and your business time 


Learn more about Jennifer:
  • @jenerationpr on social media 



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