Rachel is a Business Coach and Creator of the Done For You Programs for Health Coaches. She helped more than 8,000 health coaches rock their business to the next level with passion and profits.





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Show Notes


(00:35) – Rachel tells us something interesting about herself
  • Originally from Philadelphia, now lives in Florida 
  • She is a digital serial content creator in the wellness niche 
(3:20)- Rachel shares why content is important 
  • You have to have content to keep clientele 
  • It is important to show people what they need
  • Whether in blog posts or podcasts: content is King or Queen
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(6:35) – Rachel explains the type of content her clients might need to post
  • The business owner actually chooses the areas that are most important at the moment 
  • Rachel is an advocate for video marketing-  through a video you can build trust 
    • You have to see it (and read it) to believe it 
(9:30) – Rachel tells us how to sustain successful content/business 
  • Nobody goes and succeeds at something unless they have practiced it first 
  • It’s not about how often you show up or create things, it’s the quality that matters 
  • “You only have a connection when you’re consistent.”
  • Have some free content available to see what people want, before creating something they purchase- this creates trust as well as credibility 
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(20:12) – How Rachel built a business and life she wants to live 
  • She shows up, even when she doesn’t feel good to show people that her autoimmune disease doesn’t run her life 
  • Be different and break the mold 
  • Don’t complain about not having time, show up and get it done 
(24:30) Parting advice for listeners
  • Take 5-10 hours every month and pay attention to what worked and change or get rid of what didn’t work 


Learn more about Rachel:
  • yourhealthcoachbiz.com
  • rachelafeldman.com



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