AJ is the founder of B2Linked.com which is an agency that specializes in LinkedIn Advertising. His agency, is a certified LinkedIn Partner and manages some of the largest and most sophisticated accounts worldwide.





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Show Notes


(00:35)– AJ tells us something interesting about himself
  • He is from Utah and highly enjoys the outdoors
  • He runs a company that focuses solely on running LinkedIn ads
(1:45) – AJ explains his company, B2Linked.com
  • They are an ad agency that specializes in LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn offers a specific target ad opportunity
    • Where they can narrow their audience and make the ad only visible to people who are qualified
    • Ex. job title, experience, seniority 
(5:00)- AJ shares why ads on LinkedIn are more pricey than the other sites like Facebook and Instagram 
  • LinkedIn allows you to target a specific demographic of people rather than the general public 
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(10:42) – AJ tells us about rock bottom 
  • 5 years ago he lost his job, as the provider of his family he decided to take a leap into a new career 
(14:35) – What AJ is excited about within LinkedIn right now 
  • LinkedIn has now started putting more money into advertising because they realized they compete with larger platforms
(16:15) Do you have goals for your business? Visit mikeolivas.com to discuss your goals for FREE!
(16:47) – AJ helps us understand how to start making LinkedIn ads
  • You have to know specifically what you have to offer
  • Do you want to give something of value and intern ask for their personal information so that you can then follow up with them
(20:25) – AJ shares how he created a life he wanted to live 
  • He started out as a penny pincher and limited his spending as much as possible 
  • When he started turning a high profit in his business he decided to start treating people around them and buying things they wanted- but realized that stuff doesn’t make him happy
  • Experience, not materials, make life great.
(23:55) Parting advice for listeners
  • Invest time or money into the things you know will bring value in the future 


Learn more about AJ:
  • b2linked.com



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