Josh is the founder of multiple companies, TEDx speaker, author of several books as well as 300+ articles in places like Time, Fortune, Techcrunch, Fast Company, and Inc. Today his main focus is The 7 Systems of Influence, a framework he developed that is used by parents, academics, politicians, entrepreneurs, and executives to create and maintain positive influence and change the world.





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Show Notes


(00:51)– Josh tells us something interesting about himself
  • He is 44, married and grew up in Los Angeles California but is currently living in Boston 
  • Previously lived in Hong Kong and China and currently runs two businesses
  • Enjoys researching influence and leadership
(1:23) – Josh explains how he got interested in influence and leadership 
  • In 2013 he had the opportunity to write for Forbes when his business was on the verge of bankruptcy
  • A few years into writing with Forbes his business was generating millions 
  • He began researching how influence affects your business which is how he came up with the framework for The Seven Systems of Influence, the first three being: 
    • Vision 
    • Genius zone
    • Audience
(4:00)- Josh shares about his company, Influencer Inc.
  • They help people to become thought leaders and get their message out to the marketplace
  • He wants to help people (who he believes are all inherently good) to take their skill and change the world for the better 
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(5:40) – Josh tells us about the demographic he works with in Influencer Inc. 
  • He generally tries to work with people that he knows, likes and trusts- not faceless corporations 
  • Entrepreneurs or business leaders who want to be the face of their company 
(7:25) – Josh talks about rock bottom and how he overcame it 
  • In 2007 his business was suffering- he hadn’t paid himself in 4 years and was on the verge of bankruptcy
  • He sought help from a friend who introduced him to a contact within Forbes and the rest is history 
(9:00) – Why Josh believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • It’s hard. 
  • It doesn’t happen overnight but we only see the big success stories, not the struggles that came before the success 
  • It took him 20yrs to get to where he is now
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(12:45)- Josh tells us what he is excited about right now
  • The impact on people- he is working directly with people and focusing on one-on-one relationships instead of scaling his business 
(15:30) – How Josh created a life he wanted to live 
  • Boundaries. 
  • He used to work 100 hour weeks and realized he was not only killing his body but his company- so one day he changed everything and his life and business started to succeed better than ever before. 
(18:00) Parting advice for listeners
  • The most important thing is love and wanting to help and serve people 
  • If everything is transactional it will suck the life out of you and can ruin your business, focus on caring for people first and foremost. 


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