Dr. Laura Sicola is the author of Speaking To Influence, Mastering Your Leadership Influence and is the founder of Vocal Impact Productions. She helps leaders increase their confidence, presence, and influence to help them close the deal in any context. 





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Show Notes


(00:48)– Laura tells us something interesting about herself 
  • She is from Philadelphia and accidentally stumbled upon being a business owner in 2008
(1:08) – Laura explains Vocal Impact Production 
  • Rebranded in 2013 
  • Their goal is to find leaders or aspiring leaders and help them to become master influencers through the three C’s:
    • Command the room
    • Connect with the audience 
    • Close the deal 
(2:58)- Laura shares how she started this business 
  • She is a linguist and a teacher 
  • She wanted to help others understand how they can predict what you need to hear while remaining true to themselves 
(6:30) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!
(8:00) – Laura’s view on being yourself
  • “We are not one dimensional, unchanging people… there are different facets to each person, but it is important to understand what your audience needs to see. I would not talk to my 3 year old the way I talk to you. Both are me, but they are different.”
(10:08) – What Laura is extorted about now 
  • She is starting a podcast in 2020 called Speaking to Influence 
(10:35) – Why Laura believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • Having dreams is easy, but achieving them is difficult and takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in succeeding 
(13:10) – How Laura built the life she wants to live
  • When she was young, a neighbor set up their business in their home and that inspired her to do the same 
  • She liked the freedom aspect of being an entrepreneur
(16:38) Do you have goals for your business? Visit mikeolivas.com to discuss your goals for FREE!
(17:12) Parting advice for listeners
  • Be ready for the long haul and make sure your heart is in it from the start 
  • “What is your tolerance for risk?” If you cannot stomach the risk- entrepreneurship is not for you


Learn more about Laura:
  • vocalimpactproductions.com
  • LinkedIn Laura Sicola 



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