In today’s episode we have Dan Miller, author of the NYT bestselling book “48 days to the work you love” – now in it’s 20th Anniversary Edition. Dan inspires his readers and listeners to discover and initiate their own greatness.





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Show Notes


(00:46)– Dan tells us something interesting about himself
  • Lives outside of Nashville Tennessee 
  • Works out of the barn on his property 
(1:55) –   Dan explains 48 Days LLC 
  • They help people discover how they can have a career doing something they enjoy
    • Meaningful 
    • Purposeful 
    • Profitable 
(2:45)-  Dan shares how you can discover the why
  • Find what you would do even if you didn’t make a living doing it 
(4:25) – Dan tells us how his business has evolved 
  • The business started as a Sunday school class and eventually turned into a weekly seminar and one on one coaching 
  • He then started on radio and podcasts 
  • Podcasts lead to worldwide awareness and lead to coaching and conference speaking all over 
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(9:30) – Dan talks about rock bottom 
  • Before he started his current business he owned a fitness center and eventually sold this business to find himself $450,000 in debt 
  • Through the process of getting out of debt (12 years later), he discovered his now career 
  • He discovered that there is no way he can do anything alone- find someone who specializes is something that you don’t to help where needed 
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(17:35) – Why Dan believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • Because some people are meant to be apart of a team, not everyone is built to have their own business and that’s not a bad thing 
(20:22) – What Dan is excited about right now
  • At the end of each year, he cuts 15% of what he’s doing so that he can stay focused and can make room for something new 
  • He has created an online membership community that he is excited about 
(23:18) –  How Dan built a life he wants to live
  • Found a space he can host family and spend time with loved ones 
  • He is sure to make time for his wife and time away from his business because he has systems in place that allow him to step away
(25:38) Parting advice for listeners
  • “It’s never too late to have a new beginning.”


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