Suzanna is an ex-Miss National Olympian Body Building Champion and is now a performance and injury prevention coach. Suzanna guides people towards achieving their full athletic potential through training and teaching clients how to live on a plant-based diet.





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Show Notes


(1:45) – Suzanna tells us something interesting about herself 
  • She was born in Czechoslovakia, lived in Sweden for 10 years as a lecturer of computer science 
  • Moved to Venice Beach because she fell in love with the area and has lived there for 23 years now 
(3:55) –  Suzanna explains her company Tennis Fitness Love
  • She is a performance coach and focuses mostly on Tennis players
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(7:09) –  Suzanna shares how she got started with fitness 
  • From a young age, she had a passion for fitness but in Czechoslovakia, she was unable to pursue this as a career 
  • Once she moved to Sweden, she started training on the side and has now been involved in fitness coaching for almost 30 years
(8:55) – Suzanna explains why she believes she has been so successful 
  • She tests everything on her own to see if it works first before bringing it to others
  • Suzanna believes that she can relate to people well
(10:13) –  Suzanna talks about the fears in beginning her business 
  • She didn’t experience a lot of fear but felt that she was not always the smartest in her business endeavors and perhaps could have been more strict with herself
  • Suzanna is extremely happy with her life and where she is
(13:58) – Suzanna tells us what she is excited about right now 
  • Currently, she is in the process of learning how to do handstands and pole dancing fitness 
(15:40) – Suzanna recommends a fitness tip that can help everyone 
  • Most people have imbalances in their hips 
    • She gives tips on how to help this 
    • Pay attention to your gluteus medius to help each hip become equal in strength 
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(20:36) – How Suzanna built a life she wanted to live 
  • She realized that as long as she can afford to buy what she needs she is happy. 
  • She just wants to have freedom in her schedule and live where she wants 
(23:35) Parting advice for listeners
  • Find out as much information as possible before you even start
  • Read and experiment: try everything on your own first 
  • The more experience you have the more you can relate to a customer’s needs 
  • Be patient 


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