Christina is the CEO of Media Maven and host of the podcast Become A Media Maven. She is a TV host who helps bloggers and business owners grow by reaching thousands, if not millions, of their clients in minutes through the power of traditional and new media without spending too much money on advertising. Her work has been recognized in Ink Magazine as well as Fast Company.





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Show Notes


(1:10)–  Christina tells us something interesting about himself
  • She has a newborn and two other kids
(1:58) –   Christina explains her company Media Maven
  • She is in South Florida where she runs a company that helps business owners get attention without spending money on ads 
  • Worked as a reporter and anchor for over 10 years 
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(8:55)- Christina shares her thoughts on Instagram and Facebook ads
  • Companies are becoming creative in the way they market so that consumers might not realize it is an ad 
(12:19) – Christina talks about rock bottom and how it affected her
  • Just recently there was a time when she felt her company was on top of the world- then the next day there were issues with clients and teams and she felt put out and frustrated 
(14:26) – Why Christina believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • They don’t learn how to handle the stress
    • Understand what matters and what doesn’t 
  • People-pleasing- if they don’t feel people are happy with what they do they often quit 
  • They don’t invest in a coach- which can lead to overworking and overspending 
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(19:55) – Christina shares about what she is excited about right now 
  • She is creating a platform that will help people become guests on podcasts
(24:40) –  Christina shares her opinion on ROI
  • It differs from each situation. It could take one week or one month or more
(27:04) – Christina explains earning media
  • Earning media means someone works to earn it. You go out, sell yourself/ brand and you get recognition without spending money 
(29:29) – Christina shares how she built a life she wants to live 
  • She loves that she can spend every day with just her laptop and the internet
  • Some people need an office and a boss- but she wanted the freedom that comes with the freelance lifestyle 
(32:20) Parting advice for listeners
  • Don’t be afraid to take the risk
  • “Without risk, there isn’t a reward.”
Learn more about Christina:
  • @christinaallday on Twitter and Instagram 



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