Sarah is the CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting where she teaches women how to get their products into boutiques and magazines, as well as into the hands of celebrities in order to help spread their name and build their credibility.





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Show Notes


(00:45) – Sarah tells us something interesting about herself
  • She is a single mom of twins
  • She moved from California to Colorado so that her kids could grow up skiing and mountain biking
(1:58) –  Sarah explains her business, Sarah Shaw Consulting 
  • She teaches mostly women but some men how to get their products into stores, magazines, and celebrities hands so that they can build their business credibility
(3:33)-  Sarah shares what compelled her to start her business
  • She worked in the film business for about 12 years before she started creating her own handbags (which she used to sell to celebrities)
  • Her handbags appear in Legally Blonde and Ocean’s Eleven
  • She got the idea from a friend, in about 1999, who was complaining about the brand of clothing she had to use in an upcoming movie and decided that she could help entrepreneurs get their brands into celebrities hands 
(5:35) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today
(6:00) – Sarah shares about rock bottom 
  • After 9/11, her investors pulled out of her brand and she lost her company 
  • When she lost her company she also lost her trademark
  • But this then led to the creation of a handbag organizer which she turned into a very successful company. 
    • This company did half a million in sales in the first two years
    • She decided she wanted to help others do the same
(9:25) – Why Sarah believes that entrepreneurs give up
  • They struggle to find the right way to do things- it’s important to hire a business coach or mentor who can show you the short cuts
  • Meltdowns and hurtles can set people back, so it’s important to have someone help you through it all
(11:45) – Sarah shares what she is excited about right now
  • She has created an online training program and cannot wait to see where it goes
(12:30) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!
(14:55) – Sarah explains how she built a business and life she wanted to live
  • Pivoting and looking at what the world needs from her
  • What she is doing now is bringing her a lot of joy in helping others find success
  • She created an online platform where she no longer has to put in her time on a daily basis but people can still buy her product
(18:40) Parting advice for listeners
  • Always follow your intuition


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