Aaron has founded more than a dozen companies over the last 41 years and contributes much of his success to having surrounded himself with the right people. He is the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, the author of View From The Top, the founder of The Mastermind Playbook.





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Show Notes


(1:10)– Aaron tells us something interesting about himself
  • He first retired at age 27
  • Started out as a poor kid in Nashville Tennessee
  • Has owned 14 businesses in the course of 41 years
(2:00) –  Aaron explains the history of some of his business ventures 
  • View From The Top: “Nobody wants a view from the bottom, we all want a view from the top.”
    • They help clients identify what their “view from the top” is
  • From here he started doing one on one coaching, his good friends Dave Ramsy and Dan Miller encouraged him to do so
  • He does podcast interviews and his business blew up- which is why he started Mastermind, wrote a book
  • “I help ordinary people become extraordinary in what they do.”
(3:50)- Aaron tells us where View From The Top originated from
  • At the age of 50, he was praying about what he should do next and he decided that he wanted to help people discover their significance apart from financial success
    • He was living the life- big house, vacation home, working 3 days a week, beautiful wife and daughters and then he experienced something that changed his life forever and he decided to completely change everything. 
    • “What will your legacy be?”
    • Money is not the most important thing in the grand scheme of life
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(10:04) – Aaron talks about his view on money
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book Thou Shall Prosper talks about how money is a tool
  • “Money is important, it helps you live life and it’s ok to make money but keep it in the right perspective.”
(11:53) – Aaron shares about his business
  • There are groups of 10 in a Mastermind, where they come together weekly and they challenge people in areas of their business, personal and spiritual aspects of their life- so that everyone can be a well-rounded person. 
  • “If you come home with a pocket full of money but a house full of strangers, it doesn’t matter how much money you make.”
(14:02) –  What Aaron is excited about right now
  • About 2 years ago people started to pay attention to what he was doing, and people started hiring him to show them how he was scaling his business 
  • Which lead to the creation of the Mastermind Playbook to help others understand how they can start, grow and scale Mastermind groups
(19:45) Do you have goals for your business? Visit mikeolivas.com to discuss your next step for FREE!
(23:00) Parting advice for listeners
  • Real-life, human connection is much more valuable than social connection
  • “Build personal relationships… show empathy, compassion, and care… people want to be around people who care about them… Be intentional in building lasting relationships.”


Learn more about 
  • viewfromthetop.com
  • themastermindplaybook.com/aaron



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