In this episode, we interview Brandon Adams, an Emmy Award-Winning Producer and the host of the TV Series Success in Your City. Brandon shares how a book changed his life and why you should not quit until you get what you want.





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Show Notes


(00:33)– Brandon tells us about himself 
  • From a small town in Iowa where his dad sold packaged ice for a living, he himself eventually got into sales too
  • Got kicked out of college for fighting 
  • Then he read the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and it changed his life and encouraged him to do something 
(2:30) – Brandon explains his business 
  • Got into videography because of crowdfunding 
  • Learned video production and has now produced 3 different tv-shows 
  • In 2017 he started the company Accelerant Media Group then sold it in 2018 to travel the country and film a documentary Success in Your City with his wife
    • He helps people create video content for businesses 
  • Just released their book “The Road To Success”
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(6:55)- Brandon shares what he is excited about right now
  • Excited to see where technology goes because it is giving everyone, especially entrepreneurs, the opportunity to succeed
  • Excited to see how video evolves and grows more- content is everything 
(9:40) – Brandon tells us about rock bottom and how it affected him 
  • Almost had to file for bankruptcy at one point 
  • He learned that he can solve problems in the worst of situations and was forced to figure it out
  • “Your temporary set back can lead to your future success”
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(12:28) – Why Brandon believes entrepreneurs fail
  • Surrounded by the wrong people
    • You have to be around people who will support you and push you forward but not tell you to quit 
(13:05) Brandon’s advice for entrepreneurs- take out a loan or bootstrap it?
  • He is not for big loans and believes it is better to take a long time to build it organically with your own hard work 
    • Fewer strings attached in the long run 
  • “Have someone buy it before you make it and make sure there is a demand for something before you go all in.”


(16:34) Parting advice for listeners
  • Success is what you make it. 
  • Don’t let society change your view of success
  • Once you figure out what success is to you, make a plan to eventually achieve that goal 
  • Go read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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