In this podcast, Curtis Ray talks about financial prosperity and abundance (how to keep the money) and being non-emotional with regard to money. Curtis is the owner of SunCor financial and best selling author and inventor of the financial strategy, MPI- Maximum, Premium, Indexing; the world’s first secure leverage system. 





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Show Notes


(00:50)– Curtis tells us something interesting 
  • He is from Arizona, is married and has 5 kids 
(1:15) – Curtis explains his company 
  • SunCor Financial is a financial services company that brings exponential growth to life with MPI
  • When he lost 2 million dollars in one day, he decided he needed to change his relationship with money 
(6:55)- Curtis tells us what compound effect is
  • The ability for your money to make additional money for you and that money to also make additional money for you 
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(11:35) – Curtis gives us some advice on “feeding the pot”
  • “Compound the compound”
  • It is, the more you put into it, magic 
  • If you want to come me up with prosperity follow the first rule of wealth – pay yourself first 
    • Put 10% of your income into compounding interest 
(14:00) – Curtis’ rock bottom, and how he overcame it
  • One of his investors changed plans and he lost 2 million dollars in one day 
  • He had dedicated himself not to get himself stuck in the get rich quick schemes again and decided to slowly build his wealth 
  • After he lost his 2 million, he changed his mindset and actions and got it all back within one year 
  • Love the game of business not the money and then you’ll be successful
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(20:20) – Curtis talks about the compound equation. 
  • Y=A1 + Rx
  • There are a lot of things to consider- but is there a risk of losing? If yes, Curtis doesn’t even look at the rate of return if there is any risk involved 
  • Is their liquidity? Then there is the opportunity for leverage and that’s when money can be made 
(23:22) Parting advice for listeners
  • You’re only in business for one reason- to protect your future self 
  • Do not put it all on the line- the probability of you taking big risks, succeeding and then getting a big payout is low
  • Take small steps, save money and always pay yourself first 


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