In this podcast, listen to Mike Goncalves as he shares and talks about his mission to make a global impact on the way small businesses and start-ups operate, grow, and succeed. Mike is the founder of The Wellness Bucket, a business that helps entrepreneurs create simple daily health habits so that they can continue to do more of what makes them awesome. He’s a health coach, speaker, marathoner, men’s physique competitor, and just recently ran his first ultra marathon: a 50 miler.





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Show Notes


(1:00)– Mike shares something interesting about himself 
  • He is a motivational speaker and coach for small business start-ups but he started out as a personal trainer
(1:25) – Mike tells us about his company 
  • He helps small businesses and startups create a culture of excellence 
  • You have to make sure that the employee is taken care of that way the employees can take care of the clients 
  • He provides workshops as well as coaching for these businesses 
(2:35)- Mike shares about rock bottom 
  • In 2008 he was still figuring everything out & then the economy dropped in 2010 and he lost about $30,000
  • He believes this was because you need to make a difference first and money second- which has helped his business succeed
(4:00) Mike explains why he believes entrepreneurs give up 
  • They are impatient- we want success overnight but it takes time 
  • Comparison- forget about everyone else and do your thing 
    • Learn from your mentors, not your peers
(6:03) – Go to to set up a free coaching call to set up goals for your future today!
(6:30) – What Mike is excited about in his business 
  • He’s excited to lay the foundation for the small companies now who could eventually grow to be the next Fortune 500 companies 
  • He wants to create a culture of taking care of people and peoples passions

“Companies that thrive really care about their employees and clients”

(9:00) – Mike shares some core principles that can help a company succeed 
  • Everyone in any company is some sort of leader, everyone matters 
    1. Create a champion’s mindset
    2. Successful goal setting 
    3. Establishing winning habits 
(11:35) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!
(12:10) – Mike tells us what his endgame is
  • Doing more of the same – This is his passion and his ‘why’.
  • He wants to eventually have a big conference to help make an even bigger impact on people’s lives 
(14:28) Parting advice for listeners
  • Be patient and go after it, know your gifts and use them 
  • It’s all about the journey 
  • Success isn’t something we pursue, it is something we attract by who we become (through the journey)


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