In this podcast, Gary Bizzo talks about his love for guitars, saxophones, and helping start-ups. Gary Bizzo is an Author and Business Startup Specialist. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Bizzo Integrated Marketing Corp. He ranked #99 in 2018 as one of the Most Influential Leaders in the World. He is an experienced CEO & has been called into numerous businesses to help them when problems become overwhelming.





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Show Notes


(1:15) – Gary shares something about himself
  • He is a mediocre guitar player and owns guitars, saxophones, clarinets a keyboard and mandolin  


(2:00)  – What is
  • A consulting firm, specializing in startups
  • He likes young entrepreneurs and along with his wife will be starting a new course in the fall
  • His wife likes the mom and pop shops, so that is their main focus right now


(4:40) -Trying to make the dive into entrepreneurship? Visit 
(5:05) – What was rock bottom like for Gary? 
  • He was running an advertising agency and when digital came in 2000, he had to replace all of his equipment, was losing business and decided to just walkout
  • This gave him the opportunity to discover a new niche for his future career


(8:15) – What is Gary currently excited about? 
  • His two companies are currently on the verge of becoming very successful, so he is trying to focus on maintaining work life and home life


(9:30) – Quit the 9-5, visit to take the next step!
(10:00) – Why do businesses fail? 
  • They don’t have a plan
    • Know what your next steps are, know what your goals are and have the finance to get there


(12:15) What is the endgame for Gary?
  • He has already reached it. 


(13:30) Parting advice for listeners
  • Never lose sight of your goal
  • Trust your instincts
  • There has to be a balance between business and life


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  • garybizzo on Twitter



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