Jaime Hepp is the CEO and President of TAG, a nationally recognized, award-winning sales and marketing company, based in Los Angeles, California. His team of highly motivated professionals acquires and retain customers for Fortune 500 companies. Jaime’s specialty is in creating new companies, developing business leaders, coaching, and consulting.





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Show Notes

(00:55)– What compelled Jaime into his business now?
  • Back when he was in college, he realized he needed to work on his people skills, since he’s naturally an introvert 
    • Therefore he joined a door to door sales company 
(2:00) – What is TAG?
  • TAG is a face-to-face sales organization that is hired by large telecom, energy, and office supply giants
(3:50)- Jaime talks about some hurdles and why people don’t succeed as an entrepreneur 
  • The long hours- a lot of hard work
  • Unstable income in the beginning 
  • Constant failure can ruin someone’s ego 
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(8:30) – Why Jaime believes he succeeded on the big scale 
  • Starting representing a video store, going door to door to spread the news and eventually put the only other store out of business
    • What he does is unique, there isn’t a lot of competition 
  • Created a value in his industry where his clients know they are going to receive the best service. 
(11:30) – Are most of Jaime’s business endeavors face-to-face?
  • They have telemarketing and digital marketing but Face-to-Face sales are their main niche
    • Talk to tens of millions of people annually 
(13:16) – What does Jaime wish he knew in the beginning that he knows now?
  • Growing up in Saskatchewan he came with a “learn it all” rather than a “know it all” because he grew up in a farming community and everything was new to him 
  • “If you don’t fail, it’s possible you won’t succeed” because if you try to avoid failure you could also be derailing success 
  • Failure leads to success 
    • It’s apart of the process 
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(19:00) – What is happening Jaime up to right now with Tag?
  • Very interested in Smart Homes 
    • Would like to get involved with Google 
    • Interested in helping with more tech companies 
(23:00) Parting advice for listeners
  • Why do you want to be in business? 
  • His motivation is his family, everyone has to have something that motivates them 


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