Ishveen is the CEO and Founder of, the largest marketplace connecting brands to pro athletes for marketing campaigns.
Ishveen, a former sports agent, started OpenSponsorship after seeing the inefficiencies in sponsorship and understanding how technology innovation could bring a much needed change. She is a graduate of Oxford University, and is originally from Manchester, now living in New York.


Show Notes

(0:50) Ishveen tells us something interesting about herself.

  • She grew up in Manchester but moved to New York seven years ago.

(1:14) Ishveen talks about her business.

  • She’s the CEO and co-founder of Open Sponsorship, the largest marketplace connecting brands to athletes for marketing deals.

(3:11) Ishveen talks about rock bottom.

  • Right now is a difficult time due to COVID-19.

(6:28) Ishveen tells us what she’s excited about within her business.

  • Sports are really important all over the world.
  • They just launched a self-serve version of their platform.
  • They now have 50% of the NFL and NBA athletes.

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(10:50) Ishveen tells us why she thinks some entrepreneurs fail or give up.

  • It’s a really tough journey.
  • They’re going into entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons.

(13:12) Ishveen talks about building the life she wants to live.

  • She’s working really hard and is really focused on her career.
  • She’s working on having a better work-life balance.

(18:07) Ishveen’s parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Learn from your failures.


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