Cam is the co-founder and President of Fitplan – an app that connects users with one-on-one customized fitness plans led by an elite roster of fitness personalities and, recently, pro athletes. Fitplan is an online community that uses high-quality trainers and their love of fitness as a fuel to inspire and empower its members.


Show Notes

(0:50) Cam tells us something interesting about himself.

  • He grew up in Canada and currently lives in Los Angeles.
  • One thing that has been consistent during his career is workout and diet, which has helped in making him perform better.

(4:45) Cam talks about Fitplan.

  • It’s a platform for high-profile people to connect with their audience and distribute their workout plans to their mobile devices.
  • For a monthly fee you get access to everybody’s workout plans.

(6:58) Cam talks about rock bottom.

  • They operated in Vancouver and LA and he was taking flights twice a week.
  • Last year they decided to close the Vancouver operation, which caused a lot of uncertainty.

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(11:39) Cam tells us why he thinks some entrepreneurs fail or give up.

  •  A lot of people confuse commitment with attachment.

(14:34) Cam tells us what he’s excited about within his business.

  • They just developed a community feed for their members.

(18:33) Cam tells us how he has been able to build the life he wants to live.

  • Discipline is absolutely everything.
  • Making decisions based on the desired outcome.

(20:12) Cam’s parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Focus on your personal development.


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