Tim is the founder & creator of Target Focus Training (TFT), the world leader in personal-protection training. For more than 25 years, he has taught everyone from US Navy SEALS to regular citizens how to survive unavoidable violent attacks. During this time TFT has been talked about by prestigious journalists on ABC & CBS News, the UK’s BBC, publications such as the Financial Times of London, Forbes & the South China Post, endorsed by such notables as Tony Robbins & Glenn Beck, and seen on Good Morning America and the Katie Couric show.


Show Notes

(00:55) – Tim tells us something interesting

  • He is based out of Las Vegas

(1:15) – Tim explains his business, Target Focus Training

  • He has worked with a variety of clients- from the military, to law enforcement, to regular civilians
  • Most people are only concerned with keeping real violence out of their lives- they just want to defend themselves
  • Most people only come after they have experienced a traumatic event

(11:40) – Tim shares about rock bottom

  • Remained partners with the wrong person for too long
  • He noticed that this person would weed out people he was intimidated by and replace them with friends and family
  • He eventually left the company with only $1,500 from his investment

(14:57) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!

(16:30) – How Tim has built the life he wants to live

  • Passion will help- but it’s not the only thing to get you through the day. You have to also know how to run a business.
  • He learned that as a business owner- you have to become an excellent marketer and you have to be able to sell your product well.
  • He decided to target the customers that might not “need” what he has to offer, but they want it.

(22:25) – Timothy Larkin’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Call your clients and understand what they want


Learn more about Tim:

  • surviveviolence.com
  • Target Focus Training (targetfocustraining.com)







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