Today, we will be interviewing the amazing Loren Brill, CEO & Founder of Sweet Loren’s, a clean food company that is transforming what it means to be convenient and delicious.


Show Notes

(00:35) – Loren tells us something interesting

  • She is currently living in New York City but is moving
  • She is the CEO & Founder of Sweet Loren’s, currently, their product line is cookie dough

(1:11)  – Loren explains her company, Sweet Loren’s

  • They make delicious cookie dough, packaged food in the refrigerator section of your grocery store
  • Plant-based foods that can suit everyone’s dietary needs while also tasting delicious
  • “Universal food for all!”
  • She started making recipes about 10 years ago, but they got into the market 5 years ago

(4:44) – Loren shares about some struggles when she first launched her business

  • She is a cancer survivor and that completely changed her life which encouraged her sense of awareness for what goes into your body
  • Her first recipes were very natural, and tried hard to create a universal product- but it took a lot of time and effort to get there

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(7:06) – Why Loren believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Because they aren’t dedicated/passionate enough
  • Some people don’t have enough support to make it through the hard times

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(9:23) – What Loren is excited about right now

  • How the market has adapted and people are more apt to eat healthier and try new plant-based products

(10:12) – How Loren has created the life she wants to live

  • She’s worked hard to create relationships in her team
  • She’s worked hard to perfect the product so it sells itself
  • They have a system and a great team so that they don’t have to be micromanaged

(12:58) – Loren Brill’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • If you can find something you’re passionate about and you can find a space in the market for it- do it.


Learn more about Loren:

  • @sweetlorens & @lorenbrill on social media
  • Products found in stores like Whole Foods and Target







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