Erica Duran is a Business Coach and Lifestyle Mentor who helps new and struggling entrepreneurs start, grow, & systematize their business in 90 days. Most of her clients earn $5K to $20K+ per month and enjoy a 3-day workweek.


Show Notes

(00:38) – Erica tells us something interesting

  • Lives in a Walt Disney World town in Celebration, Florida
  • She was traveling full time for 12 years before she moved to Florida

(1:48) – Erica explains her business and it’s many facets,, Googlebate, and Enchanted Tiki Travel

  • She is a business coach for entrepreneurs and startups, after working as a coach for some time she then started to help her clients excel with marketing
  • She then opened Enchanted Tiki Travel to help coordinate and organize her client’s travels

(4:21) – Erica shares about rock bottom how it affected her

  • At one point she was dealing with a lot personally- death in the family, divorce, etc. and found it hard to keep her business afloat when she herself was struggling

(6:00) – Why Erica Duran believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Fear- the fear of failure, what people think etc. fear can destroy something even if it’s good

(7:08) Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!

(9:05) – What Erica is excited about right now

  • Googlebait is in the process of relaunching
  • The brand new travel website

(10:50) – How Erica has built the life she wants to live

  • She’s loved traveling and is currently excited to plant some roots and build a household
  • She just got married in December

(13:17) – Erica Duran’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Start taking steps towards your dreams- don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t put limits on what you can do


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