Show Notes

Patricia is an expert in skills executive speech coach, and a sales guru. She is also an award-winning speaker, author, sales presenter, and in-demand speech coach. 

(00:35) – Patricia tells us something interesting 

  • She moved to San Francisco when she was 20 and had lived their ever since 

(1:25) – Patricia explains her business

  • She is doing her best to rid the world of boring speeches
  • She trains executives and celebrity speakers to fine-tune their speeches 

(6:30) – Patricia shares about rock bottom 

  • When she first started she struggled with the boundaries with her work and home life because she was always working at home after hours 

(10:15) – Why Patricia believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • They have unrealistic expectations 
  • Just because you’re really skilled at one thing doesn’t mean you’ll be a great business owner 

(12:45) – Do you have goals for your business? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!

(13:15) –  How Patricia has built the life she wants to live 

  • She has a really good work ethic 
  • She believes she was so successful in her business because she was committed, had a personality that people were drawn to, and she had good teachers 

(18:40) – Patricia Fripp’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • “Tell me what you say you want, show me one week of your life, and we’ll both know if you’ll accomplish it.”


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