Jordanna is the founder of Modern Day Sorcerer and Sorcerer School – the next step for conscious leaders. Jordanna has spent 30 years cultivating and honing the Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology – one that brings the metaphysical, scientific, and pragmatic teachings of power to leadership and business. Jordanna and her methodology have helped thousands of leaders around the world develop clear purpose, and embody the power and influence they were put on this planet to contribute. Today, she works with leaders to get results that tip the scales of what’s possible, by teaching you DNA-level transformation. Her work helps you find the elusive “something more” you were yearning for, expanding your influence and impact as a leader.


Show Notes

(1:40) – Jordanna tells us something interesting

  • Just moved to Georgia
  • She is a sorceress

(2:23) – Jordanna explains her company, Modern Day Sorcery 

  • She teaches leaders how to have power and passion in their leadership
  • She helps people gain a broader range of investment and clientele

(4:05) – Jordanna shares about how COVID-19 has affected her business

  • Most of her clients have not yet experienced a downturn

(5:33) – Jordanna’s advice for entrepreneurs who have been affected during COVID-19

  • Develop presence within yourself before you have to do anything that is challenging
  • To refrain from being stressed and having the wrong mindset, try to develop a space of emotional work
    • Connect with your body more, that will help you discover the thoughts within your feelings which will transform your thoughts

(6:34) – Looking for advice during this time? Visit to discuss your goals for FREE!

(11:05) – Jordanna Eyre’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Go towards your contribution, the thing you want to contribute to the planet


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