Today we’ll be interviewing Sam Lillie, Co-founder, and CEO of Vinder, an app-based farmers market connecting local small producers direct to local consumers.


Show Notes

(1:15) – Sam tells us something interesting

  • Currently living in Austin, Texas
  • He once solo-hiked across the country, from Mexico to Canada

(2:05) – Sam explains his business, Vinder

  • They are a farmers market delivery service

(2:30) – Sam shares about how COVD-19 has affected his company

  • There’s actually been a spike in food delivery so his company has seen a boost in desire for organic produce and product
  • They wanted to help their suppliers relieve some stress and continue to make money so they adapted their business a little more to the online site to allow growth for their clients as well

(5:30) – Looking for advice during this time? Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(8:40) – Sam’s advice to entrepreneurs struggling during this time

  • Adapt. Times can be unpredictable but adapting to the changes is essential

(11:15) – Sam Lillie’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Accept extreme ownership- everything you do is up to you.
  • Adapt and persist


Learn more about Sam:

  • Sam Lillie on LinkedIn







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