Today we’ll be interviewing Lisa Manyon; the Business Marketing Architect and President of Write On Creative®. She pioneered the simple, values-based 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity with a focus on PASSION points. Her strategies are known to create million-dollar results. She’s a #1 international best-selling author, consultant, and speaker dedicated to reverse engineering your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams. Lisa offers custom coaching, consulting, and copywriting and is available to teach, train, and transform your audience with interactive Business Breakthrough Boutiques. She’s given us a free value nugget, so visit to access business-building resources and claim your free Copywriting Action Plan.


Show Notes

(1:35) – Lisa tells us something interesting

  • Currently lives in Ashland, Oregon
  • She is a cancer survivor, she healed naturally through organic foods and juices

(3:00) – Lisa explains her business, Write On Creative 

  • Has been around for 17 years now
  • Is a marketing, communications and strategy firm
  • Rather than focusing on pain point marketing, she tries to teach her clients how to naturally connect with their own clients

(9:10) – Looking for business strategy advice during this time? Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(10:10) – Lisa’s perspective on “emotional buys”

  • Emotions are always involved- if someone doesn’t like you they most likely will not buy from you
  • The goal should be to create trust within your clients

(11:15) – Lisa shares how COVID-19 has affected her own business

  • She feels lucky because she’s created multiple streams of revenue within her business
  • The business has been regular for her

(14:30) – Lisa’s advice to entrepreneurs who have been affected by COVID-19

  • There are great programs that are offering short term loans, like the small business association or local banks
  • She’s noticed that people have pivoted and adjusted their business to navigate the current situation

(19:25) –  Lisa Manyon’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Stay true to yourself and tap into your values


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