Matthew is responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories in his home country of Australia, all before the age of 30. His humble beginnings, the adversities that he faced, and his epic rise to success are inspirational stories of how anyone, with the right motivation and the right strategies, can achieve anything they set their mind to. Today, he’s a bestselling author, whose book, The Introvert’s Edge, has received endorsements from Harvard, Princeton, Neil Patel, and Marshall Goldsmith, just to name a few. He’s been featured by Fox, NBC, Fortune, Forbes, INC., Entrepreneur, and CEO – and if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the founder of Small Business Festival, which INC. has named a Top-3 national conference for small business.


Show Notes

(1:55) – Matthew tells us something interesting

  • Currently living in North Carolina
  • Though he is one of the leading salespeople in the world, he is a major introvert

(3:43) – Matthew explains what he does in his business

  • He helps introverted service providers obtain rapid growth

(10:35) – Matthew shares about how COVID-19 has affected his business

  • In 2014 he made the decision to build an online business to allow him more freedom in his lifestyle- which has proven to be extremely helpful during this pandemic
  • They have experienced an increase in customers in the past few weeks
  • However, he has definitely lost some income for speaking engagements that have been canceled/ engagements

(16:50) – Looking for advice during this time of uncertainty? Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(18:15) – Matthew’s advice for entrepreneurs who have been affected during COVID-19

  • Decide that you are not going to go out of business: do what you need to to keep the business afloat
  • Realize that there are areas you can cut spending until you’re back to normal

(27:30)  Matthew Pollard’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Start the journey, don’t wait any longer


Learn more about Matthew:

  • Matthew Pollard on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook







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