Today we’re talking to Bobby Hicks. He’s a digital marketer, a conversion design expert, and founder of Indiview Media. He’s been featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS.


Show Notes

(0:43) Bobby tells us something interesting about himself.

  • Calling in from Lexington, Kentucky

(1:33) Bobby talks about his business.

  • Indiview Media is a web design agency.
  • He’s a managing partner for JS Media, a financial marketing company.

(5:20) Bobby talks about rock bottom.

  • He sold a company and they hired him as a marketing director. When he decided to leave, they wouldn’t sell the company back to him.

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(11:08) Bobby tells us what he’s excited about within his industry and his company.

  • They’re doing a mix of client retainers and affiliate marketing.

(12:38) Bobby talks about building the life that he wants to live.

  • He tries to live in the “opportunity” zone.
  • He’s managed to balance abundance, wealth, health, and relationships thanks to financial security.
  • Having multiple streams of income and consistently learning is important.

(18:02) Bobby’s parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Never stop learning.
  • Growth comes from struggle.


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