Jaime Jay is the founder and managing Director of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants – Bottleneck Virtual Assistants offers business growth opportunities for ambitious leaders and their companies. Bottleneck has created an efficient and systematic approach to identify, hire and cultivate team members to alleviate your company from the chaos of running your business.


Show Notes

(00:45) – Jaime tells us something interesting

  • He met his wife while playing hockey
  • Lives in Springville, Missouri

(1:25) – Jaime explains his company, Bottleneck

  • They help people get into a good position to hire people remotely
    • All of their virtual assistants are college graduates in the Philippines
  • You can’t be everything all the time, it is important to delegate

(13:25) – Jaime shares about rock bottom

  • He was once homeless, which now helps him to remain grateful for everything he has

(15:05) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!

(17:25) – Why Jaime believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Because they don’t have the right perspective
  • They need to be sure to communicate with the people in their lives to stay on the same page
  • It’s harder than they anticipated

(21:15) – What Jaime is excited about right now

  • They’re new hiring process
  • Helping others learn what they can delegate

(27:50) – Jaime Jay’s advice to entrepreneurs

  • Think. Think about anything but take uninterrupted time to think and focus


Learn more about Jaime:

  • bottleneck.online
  • Jaime Jay on LinkedIn and Twitter







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