Ian Altman has been a CEO for two decades, Ian started, sold, and grew his business-services and technology companies from zero to over one billion dollars in value. Ian has since spent years researching how customers make decisions. His modern approach to sales & marketing is known for helping organizations around the world achieve explosive growth. A leading authority on accelerating business growth, Ian is currently recognized as one of the 30 Global Gurus on Sales. He’s a co-author of the bestselling book, Same Side Selling, and hosts the weekly Same Side Selling podcast available on iTunes. And you can read hundreds of his articles on Forbes and Inc. Ian lives in the Washington DC area with his two adult-ish children, a dog, and a wonderful wife he doesn’t deserve. To inspire us with a modern approach to growing business on the same side with our clients, please join me in welcoming Ian Altman.


Show Notes

(2:30) – Ian’s advice on how long you should persist in sales

  • Rather than trying to force someone to listen to your sales pitch over and over again (which often repels clients), you should find a problem they’re having and show them how you can solve it
  • Instead of saying, “here’s the service I offer”, say, “here are the problems I solve, here’s why you need it and here are the results”

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(18:13) – Ian shares about integrity-based sales

  • That means you value the outcome for the client more than the sale itself
  • If you don’t deliver the results, word travels quickly and it will ruin your business

(21:00) – Value vs. Price

  • People who sell entirely on price are order takers- not sellers
  • If you’re not selling a commodity, the results should be the main focus in your business

(11:30) – Stop, Drop & Trade is NOT the way to go

  • Once you show a client that you’re willing to drop your price for a specific circumstance, it devalues your service and can affect the future income of your other transactions
  • Your client will always assume that your service is overpriced

(31:55) – Ian’s advice to anyone struggling in sales

  • Having a process or system for how people handle the sales process and follow up is critical
    • It holds people accountable and helps you to understand where something may have gone wrong
  • You need to know what problems you solve and for whom before you have salespeople selling anything


Learn more about Ian:

  • ianaltman.com







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