Dave is the owner of Panozzo Team and HomeSmart.


Show Notes

(1:15) – Dave tells us something interesting

  • Currently lives in Scottsdale Arizona

(1:40) – Dave explains his company, the Panozzo Team

  • He and his wife work in real estate

(3:05) – Dave shares about how COVID-19 has affected his business

  • They are still considered an essential service and they are feeling blessed by that
  • Still have people who are searching for homes, but traffic is definitely slower than it usually would be in this season
  • Instead of panicking, he decided to pivot and find ways to navigate his business around the roadblocks

(10:33) – Looking for advice during this time of uncertainty? Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!

(12:45) – How Dave & his wife have changed strategies for their business during this time

  • They called each previous client and checked in to see how they’re doing, which then opened the door to some future deals as well

(18:33) – Dave Panozzo’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Instead of sitting in the corner sulking, get out and take steps towards moving forward
    • Reach out to leaders in the community and ask for help


Learn more about Dave:

  • @thepanozzoteam on Instagram
  • Dave Panozzo on Facebook & LinkedIn
  • thepanozzoteam.com







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