Today we’ll be interviewing Mia Duchnowski (Dutch-now-ski), the CEO and Co-Founder of Oars + Alps, a skincare brand for people who lead an active, on the go lifestyle. The company was recently acquired by SC Johnson. Mia is based in Chicago and is also a mom to 4 kids.


Show Notes

(00:42) – Mia tells us something interesting

  • She has a great duck impersonation
  • Currently in Chicago

(2:17) – Mia explains her company, Oars + Alps

  • They are a premium on the to skincare for men who lead active lifestyles
  • They believe in full disclosure and transparency in what comes in their products
  • Their products including body care, skincare a deodorant

(11:32) – Mia shares about rock bottom

  • They had a few products to put into the market when they were about to launch, and they realized one of their products wasn’t great
  • She decided to be honest with their investors about where they were at and they decided to delay their launch- which was hard but a great choice in the long run

(13:29) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(14:55) – Mia’s opinion on finances needed to start a business

  • Raise as little as possible to make it to the next milestone, and continue to raise money towards each milestone
  • Bootstrap as long as possible and then raise money- but be careful what friends and family you take money from

(19:00) – What Mia is excited about

  • Their launch this summer to help reduce skin cancer

(20:38) – Mia Duchnowski’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Ask people who they can connect you with- no matter the situation
  • You don’t need to be passionate with what you do- you can be interested but you don’t have to be head over heels passionate about it


Learn more about Mia:

  • @mia.siani on Instagram and LinkedIn







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